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Fresh perspectives through XR


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Bring your own Idea


Fresh perspectives through XR



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Our Take

We believe that thoughts are shaped through our experiences. We advocate learning through exploration and discovery in our tailor-made XR experiences. We believe we can positively influence thought and action by bringing fresh perspectives through XR.


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Meet Anni

,a virtual customer service person, personally assisting customers in websites. We advocate encounters where both customer and company get to learn more about each other.




Best Virtual Event of the year

The world’s first virtual fire station visit became an unexpected Corona-era hit and a new visitor record for a traditional event!

About the Rabbit(s)

Radical Rabbit is an experience-first XR studio from Helsinki, Finland. We craft meaningful experiences in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Our purpose is to reveal fresh perspectives through XR, with the belief that it is through personal experience that learning and change happens.

Olli Tähtinen

CEO, Experiences

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Curious creative who loves the adventures with his wife and their cat. 

Olli is also an awarded digital designer combining 10 year experience of digital experience design together with his background of visual storytelling and film direction.

Ila Ristola

Lead Developer

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Family guy who loves his kids, wife, Harley and Fender.

Ila is also one Finland’s few developers specialized in developing entities in the 3D-based html framework in games and experiences.

Radical Rabbit(s)

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Meet the rest of the Rabbits.